RECIPE: White Hot Chocolate


It’s 5pm somewhere. As they say. Well, it may be summer in most places, but the moment a chilly  quiet night creeps around, I am dying for a mug of cocoa. There’s something about white hot chocolate that makes it seem like the most pleasurable drink in the world. When made correctly, white chocolate hot cocoa… 

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Alan Richman’s 31 Reasons To Love Ice Cream

  There is nothing better than coming across other ice cream fanatics to make you feel like frozen dessert addiction is the new normal. Imagine my elation to see none other than the famed Alan Richman himself hailing all things creamy. Let’s take a vicarious peek into his rationale shall we! 1.Ice cream is central… 

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What Ingredients Are Truly In Ice Cream?

    So I was minding my own business a few weeks ago, just laying around being a couch potato, my eyes glued to the pages of Clean by Alejandro Junger and he had the nerve to write in his book what I was already learning from Michael Pollan with the help of a few documentaries… 

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RECIPE: Best Apple Crisp A La Mode

BLACKBERRY FARM’S APPLE CRISP (a la mode) This is the very first recipe I made from The Blackberry Farm Cookbook and it is probably the singular most popular dessert I’ve ever taken out of my oven. It was gobbled up in 1.5 days. And the cast iron skillet made me feel like a grandma, in the best… 

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Kick Off Summer And Eat Local

They say a perfect summer air makes you want to fall in love. Well, in New York, home to some of the best artisanal ice cream, a perfect summer makes you want to fall in love with everything! So that’s what I plan to do. Now that I am all set up with resolutions to… 

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