10 Places Fanatics Go To Enjoy Ice Cream

chicago ice cream 3 It seems so quintessentially American- a heaping scoop of sticky sweet ice cream balanced on top of a perfectly formed waffle cone. It’s no surprise that people around the United States can’t get enough of this frozen sensation but where do the real ice cream fanatics go for their fix? From the craft small-batch movement in Portland to culturally creative flavors in New York, here are some cities that are doing ice cream right- and the places you can go to get something that is sure to hit the spot!

Portland, Oregon: it’s no surprise that a city that prides itself on craft distilleries, delicious coffee, and farmer’s markets would also be a hub for fresh small-batch ice cream. Many of their ice cream shops focus on local tastes that are sure to leave you licking the bottom of your bowl. Described as Portland’s “farm-to-cone” ice cream shop, Salt & Straw uses local cream from family owned farms in the Willamette Valley as a base for their exotic flavor combinations such as strawberry, cilantro lime, cheese cake and pear with blue cheese.

Other notable handcrafted ice cream shops in Portland include:

Madison, Wisconsin: anyone from the Midwest knows that if you want to try delicious custard, you need to make your way up to Wisconsin. Although frozen custard is not for the diet-conscious, (it’s made with the addition of eggs!)  it is entirely hard to beat the velvety texture of this heavenly specialty. Michael’s Frozen Custard has been rank among the Madison local’s favorites but make sure to check their flavor “forecast” online as their menu rotates through unique flavors such as Cake Roll and Elephant Tracks.

For other frozen custard in Madison check out:

Chicago, Illinois: the “windy city” might feel like the inside of the freezer come January, but that doesn’t stop its hard working residents from enjoying a break from the daily grind. In fact, Chicago’s hard work ethic has made it possible for some of the most beloved family owned ice cream parlors to flourish. For a laudable institution known worldwide, a true ice cream fanatic can’t pass through without a stop at Margie’s Candies. Their sundaes spell out heaven with three scoops of ice cream, a boat of fudge, and a cookie served in a large clam shell.

If you are in the mood for a bit of home-style Chicago ice cream make sure to stop in at:

New York City, New York: may not have one ice cream culture as much as it has a collision of ethnic and cultural groups that help to create some unusual concoctions.  Odd Fellows Ice Cream Co. creates flavors that are reflective of the cities diversity. Bite into tastes that include buttermilk biscuit, Guinness, Rose Raspberry with Peppercorn, or Thai Iced Coffee.

For flavors that challenge your taste buds in New York swing by:

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